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Hi Brian, thanks a lot for your great talk on Monday.  I talked to many of the residents afterwards and everyone found it enjoyable and very informative.  I will definitely be contacting you in the next month or two talk about this for myself prior to going down to Baltimore.  I will try and talk to some of the Chief Residents for other services at BIDMC and see if they are interested as well.  Thanks again!

Muneeb Ahmed, MD
Former Chief Resident
Beth Israel Deaconess

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Brian, thanks so much for all of this.  I am so appreciative of all your help!  It's really nice to have someone I can trust with these major financial questions.  It is all so overwhelming , and I so often feel as if people are trying to sell me something instead of trying to help me find the solution that is best for me/my family.  I am thrilled Bob Tubbs sent me your way.

Megan Ranney, MD
Former Chief Resident
Emergency Medicine
Rhode Island Hospital

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Hi Dr. Travers, I am one of the radiology residents at Mount Auburn Hospital and was wondering if I could schedule a lecture for our residents.  We have heard great feedback from our colleagues at BIDMC and Brown University and would be very much interested in your experience and expert advice as to how we should go about in planning our future insurance considerations.

Leila Khorashadi, MD

Former Chief Resident


Mt. Auburn Hospital

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Hi Brian, I am the Chief Resident of the Brown University School of Medicine Psychiatry Residency Program at Butler Hospital.  I am writing you today to see if I could schedule a day for you to come in and present to our program.  I was referred to you by one of my colleagues who was present at one of your seminars and we would be very interested in learning from you.  Thank you.

Seema Shah, MD
Former Chief Resident
Butler Hospital

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 4.43.37 PM.png

Hi Brian, thanks for checking in.  I am okay with my coverage as it stands right now.  But I wanted you to know I am sending more residents your way for coverage, you will be hearing from them shortly.  Speak soon!

Bob Tubbs, MD

Former Chief Resident 

Emergency Medicine

Rhode Island Hospital

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 4.43.57 PM.png

Great presentation, very compelling.  We needed to hear your talk sooner.

Ana Lourenco, MD

Former Chief Resident 


Rhode Island Hospital

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Residency Training Programs and Affiliated Hospitals We've Worked With

Educate & Inspire

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Industry Resource

Educating & Inspiring 

From the outset of my career I looked to educate other financial advisors as to the importance of Disability Insurance in their business.  I have presented at numerous agencies, corporate home office meetings, and as keynote speaker for NAIFA events to bring more attention to the Disability Insurance industry.

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What Our Colleagues Are Saying About Us

Dear Bob,

Per our call today I am forwarding you the contact information for Brian Travers.  I have met Brian and heard his compelling story.  He is a wonderful young man who has turned his tragedy into an opportunity to serve.  Brian spoke to our "Senior Agents Forum" study group in September 2006 in Newport, RI.  This is a collection of highly successful producers, all with 25-40 years of experience in the insurance industry.  We have met for over 22 years, in most cases 2 times yearly, and Brian was viewed as one of the top 3 speakers of all time with the SAF.  He would be an incredible addition to your cadre of producers for the AMAIA program.

Gerald A. Peter, CLU, AEP, CLTC
Gerald A. Peter & Associates, Inc.

Dear Brian,

You are truly gifted in this area, and I appreciate your time with all of this.  I have a MUCH better understanding of how it all works now, thanks to you I am confident my physician client will get the proper coverage.

BTW, they have decided to go with Guardian and take no chances.  Standard looked good except for 2 year limitation on Mental Health and with as stressful as being an ER Doc is at times, both he and his wife thought having that GAP Coverage was worth the extra 10% per year.

Thanks again for your help.  I have connections at the local hospital and I will work on trying to do a group DI plan with them.  If this idea gains any traction, I'd love to hire you to come down and help me sell it.

Keep in touch,,, I owe you a steak  dinner (or more!) if you ever get down into Kentucky one day,,,

Aaron Witten, CFP, CRC
Witten Financial Services

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Thank you Dr. Travers for being a champion of Disability Awareness and your endless efforts to educate Physicians on the importance of income protection.  You are an honest, knowledgable and professional advisor in your field.

Tom C. Wong
Regional Sales Manager
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

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