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Welcome to Blue Sclera Disability Insurance.  If you're a medical student, resident physician or private practitioner looking to obtain disability insurance, you've come to the right place.  Blue Sclera Disability Insurance is a full service insurance brokerage firm that is owned and operated by Brian Travers, MD.  Please start by reading the interview below where the reader will learn "why" disability insurance coverage is needed.  After you have reviewed the site and are ready to move forward, please proceed to the "Request Quote" page and provide your information which will allow us to obtain policy illustrations from the companies we are affiliated with.  We will follow up with you from there.  


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Jul 2019
Meet Dr. Brian Travers of Blue Sclera Disability Insurance  
in Broward County

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The latest article featuring Dr. Travers outlines why Disability Insurance Coverage is needed.


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